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Welcome to the Port Community Fund

The Port Community Fund provides a mechanism through which companies in and around Felixstowe Docks support local charities and build a mutually supportive relationship with the local community.

As the Port of Felixstowe has continued to grow as the UK’s largest container port, the Port Community has grown with it to become probably the largest port cluster in the country. The ‘community’ of transport-related companies in Suffolk now employs approximately 12,500 people.

The numerous companies engaged in this sector had previously provided support to a range of local causes in a largely uncoordinated manner. The Port Community Fund, which is managed by the Suffolk Community Foundation, provides a focal point for such fund raising and, through a joint approach, has had great success raising greater funds for good causes than was possible from companies acting alone. This has achieved better recognition of the good work done by its partners, and has built closer, and more supportive relations with the local community.