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Supporting the local Community

The Fund provides companies with the opportunity to support their local community in a very public way, but without the need to dedicate staff who may not have the time, or expertise, to handle the many charitable appeals they receive. If appeals for funding do not meet the Fund’s criteria, the Suffolk Community Foundation can look for support from other funds under its management.

The Suffolk Community Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people of Suffolk. To that end, they award grants to local charities and voluntary groups that make a genuine difference to the lives of Suffolk people and their communities. By managing funds and donations on behalf of companies, trusts, individuals and public agencies, they are the vital link between local donors and local needs – connecting people who care with causes that matter.

Managing the Fund

The Fund is managed by the Suffolk Community Foundation under the guidance of a Grants Panel made up of representatives of the Port Community Fund members. Further information on the Suffolk Community Foundation can be found here. The Grants Panel sets the donations policy of the Fund and decides on awards to individual applicants.

The Port Community Fund offers companies the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of their charitable giving, achieve greater publicity for the good work they do, and reduce the administrative cost of doing it.

Powerpoint Presentation

We have provided a Powerpoint presentation for your use in promoting and introducing the Port Community Fund.